Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Christmas In NZ

Christmas The Silly Season

I have not been posting on my blogs for a while. Things went a little crazy. We bought our first home which is  just fantastic and we are very lucky. Really it was all thanks to Kiwi saver giving us a deposit boost and the right house coming along at  the right time. It all came together over a couple of months but moving was not too easy as we had been renting a farm house for many years and had gathered a ton of stuff. Our new house is a lot smaller so we had to have a huge clean out. But we got here and we love it. Our first Christmas in out own house.

Pohutukawa Flower.NZ Natural Christmas Tree. They say when the Pohutukawa tree flowers well we are in for a long hot summer. The trees are giving a beautiful display this week so it is looking good.

Christmas in NZ is a hectic time as I am sure it is anywhere in the world, Many Kiwis go to their holiday batches or go camping as Christmas lands in out summer months.. However at this time of the year the weather is unpredictable and it has been known to be cold and wet. Word out on the street is that this year in the North Island anyway we may be troubled by the left over of cyclone Evan which has recently battered Samoa and Fiji so Kiwis do it times have to hold down the tent pegs to make sure the tent is still there in the morning when the wind blows but it does not stop us from getting out there and making the most of it.
The shops are busy, everyone is out stocking up for an influx of visitors and the roads are busy as cues start to form. Cars and boats heading for the coast. Today the weather is humid and hot and  if the temperatures stay like this the beautiful beaches will be packed, BBQ,s will be cranking and hooks will be baited. Let the fun begin.

I myself am working over the Christmas and New Years break so I will not get caught up in the crowds. But I do hope the weather is nice and that everyone has a save and happy holiday with lots of sunshine. Last year was lacking weather wise so let it be a good one. Happy Holiday.....

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Whangarei's Garden Paradise


I have not posted on this blog for sometime. I guess I have not been out too much lately to take some beautiful scenic Kiwi photos. I have been busy buying a house and moving in.

Today was a special day and I was lucky enough to visit  Whangarei which is a 2 hour, give or take drive north of Auckland. I was not aware that Whangarei  had a special Quarry garden where you can spend an enjoyable day with family and friends. Walking, picnicking and admiring the beautiful subtropical plants. The gardens have been planted and this paradise created with the help of volunteers and donations. I enjoyed the day very much and will let my camera do the talking. There are great walking tracks easy or steep its up to you.



It is so much easier to let the photos do the talking and this is a very small sample of what you can see and enjoy with a visit to the garden. A great place to visit.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Winter Gardens Auckland Domain

A Day What To Do In Auckland

What do you do in NZ in the cooler months well we do have choices. During a good winter season if you have good balance you can take up snowboarding and head down country to hit the slopes.
Really it all depends on the weather and  it can go from dismal and damp and wet to cool with beautiful days. Of cause I prefer the later as do most people I know. Luckily for us so far we have had some pretty good days this winter.

As I often take my mother to Auckland to the Hospital where she sometimes has appointments that can take 2-3 hours,  the other day,  as it was such a beautiful day I went for a walk around the corner from the hospital and took an stroll into the Auckland Domain. The domain is beautiful and you can also find the Museum and  gardens in the domain. The good thing is I had my camera and so I did my best to take some photos. I hope to revisit to get some snaps of the museum. If you visit Auckland a visit to the Domain is a must do to add to your list.

The Auckland Domain is a great place to enjoy a nice day in the city.Walk, play sport, picnic and relax.You can visit the Museum and enjoy the gardens.
It was a good day to view the winter gardens.

I hope to update this post next visit with more photos and some of the Museum.One thing for sure in NZ during winter if the sun shows you need to get outdoors and enjoy every moment.

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Saturday, 12 May 2012

Visit To The Auckland Zoo

Auckland Zoo Trip

I had been to the Auckland Zoo a few times on school trips and then again a few years ago but I was keen to go again and with my sister visiting from Australia it seemed the perfect time to check out all the new stuff at the Zoo.

Out of all the wild life Parks and Zoos I have been too the Auckland Zoo is by far the best and if you are lucky enough to  get the chance to go take a picnic and go for the day because it is a fantastic place to visit and it is nice to see that so much effort , thought and time has gone into making the animal enclosures natural and healthy environments so the animals are relaxed and as  happy as they can be away from their natural freedom.Some of my photos did not come out so good .I was so excited I just couldn't wait to see the next enclosure.I also had a group of excited people  keen to keep moving.There is so much to see at the Zoo.

The Natural Surroundings abound The trick was working out which way to go first and then a sense of panic that something would be missed.Everywhere you turn there are fantastic natural walkways and enclosures
Zebras, Giraffes and Emus share one huge enclosure.

Happy Animals getting along together.

Flamingos By Their Pond

Happy Hippos stay cool in their big pond.
I loved watching the Hippos and again was urged along.I am the sort of person that could easily  sit and watch all day.

I could not take my eyes off the seal pool it  is  so good and the seals are so happy they  have a great pool to have fun and play I could stay and watch them all day and I did try.You can also view them through glass swimming under water and their pool is especially made for them to have an underwater obstacle course which they seemed to enjoy and it bought them right in front of the glass to the delight of those watching.

A favourite for me I could of stayed and watched the Seals happily playing and swimming all Day
The Seals and Penguins have a Fantastic Pool and Hangout

These were the best of my photos, The monkey forest is good but my photos did not come out good enough, The lions and tigers were asleep which was a shame.It was good to see the Kiwi birds believe it or not we don't really see them. They are few and far between and come out in the under cover of bush at night.
I know I missed lots of stuff at the Zoo so that is why I am going back soon and can't wait.If you are visiting Auckland put the zoo on your must do list.

We all had a great family  day out.

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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Tiritiri Matangi Island Day Trip

Many New Zealanders are keen to put time and effort into conservation and regenerating Forests, Islands and saving our Native Birds and Animals from extinction. I was lucky enough recently to spend a wonderful day on Tiritiri  Matangi Island in the Hauraki Gulf North Island New Zealand.
TiriTiri Matangi Island is a perfect example of what can happen  when lots of keen conservation driven people put hundreds of hours of free time into clearing, and planting thousands of native trees in what was once cleared farm land, scrub and weed.Reverting an Island  back to its natural habitat is no easy task. Yet this Island has been transformed into a bird song paradise.
My first visit to Tiritiri was when I was just a kid and I remember walking up over the farmland to get to the Lighthouse so I jumped at the chance to revisit the Island again and was blown away by the change and how beautiful it is walking through the Native bush tracks and stopping to admire and listen to the many Native Birds. The Island goes on the must do list for anyone that has the chance I highly recommend a day trip to Tiritiri Matangi.

We Got The Tiri Kat from Gulf Harbour Whangaparoa.
You can get a ferry from Auckland or Gulf Harbour to the Island.

NZ Native Wood Pigeon

Bird Song,

                    Native Plants

                              and Beautiful Views.
 You Can Book A Guide

 I am of average fitness.I so not exercise everyday and I am certainly not super fit.I found the walking tracks easy and you stop many times on the track to listen and check out the birds so it is a pleasant hike to the lighthouse. When you book the ferry you can also book a guide for when you get to the Island which is what we did. There are some very special people that volunteer their time and come to the Island to guide groups up to the Light House pointing out the different Native plants, birds and Island History  along the way.

To make the walk even more enjoyable we kindly had the offer of having out packs taken to the lighthouse for us so we did not need to carry any weight. All you need to keep with you is a bottle of water and a camera and you set off so if you pack an extra heavy picnic its ok and your bags will be waiting at the top when you get there. There is something very relaxing walking through Kiwi bush and it was wonderful to spot birds that I had never seen before the bush was alive with birdsong.

The birds that I got to see were Bellbirds, Whitehead, Tui's, Wood Pigeon, Riflemen, and Takahe, There is quite a variety of birds that have been taken to the Island and so it really is a bird watchers paradise.

Tiritiri Light House Check out the History of the Tiritiri Lighthouse

Once you reach the top and make it to the lighthouse this is the place to enjoy a packed picnic lunch check out the gift shop and visitors centre then relax and admire the views.
A great day out.