Wednesday, 4 April 2012

The Kiwi Bush

The Magic Of Nature and Bush NZ

One of the many things that I love about New Zealand is the Kiwi Bush. I remember spending hours as a kid making huts and secret tracks down the back of my fathers property in the bush.

The biggest danger you face in the NZ bush is getting lost and the weather. The weather can change very quickly and can be wet and cold so the best thing is to go prepared for any weather, even is you are going on just an hours walk, stick to the walking tracks and tell someone where you are going and when you are expected back. Apart from those things and the odd wild boar ,deer or goat that are few and far between the bush here is really safe. No dangerous animals or snakes. No creepy crawlies that are out to cling on to you when you pass through rivers. Just beautiful trees, ferns and bird song and you enjoy nature at it's best.

Because I was born here I have had many opportunity to enjoy the bush and no we did not always stick to tracks and yes I have been lost ,twice but luckily I found my way out without involving a massive search party.
It is common to come upon creeks, pools and rivers.

My View of the NZ Bush.

The floor of the NZ bush is thick with fallen leaves and rotting moss covered fallen tree trunks and debris. You often find yourself stepping over the supplejack vine that can sometimes trip you up. There are Tree ferns ,Ponga, which grow from the forest floor up to 5 or 6 metres and grow through out the bush with Nikau  Palms, Flax, Cabbage Trees and Kauri Trees which are very slowly making a come back. You may see Puriri Trees or Rimu  Trees.To name just a few of the plants and trees that make up the NZ bush. You often  find plants and ferns have made a home in moss covered trucks and it is common to come across small creeks, waterfalls and pools. Fantails(birds often flutter in and out across your path and Tui's break into song as they dart in and out of the flax flower. The sunlight dances off the fern leaves, leaving a filtered patterned light across the path and the bush is a place where you can go and leave all your worries  behind.

 Nikau Palm grow throughout the NZ Bush

Flax plant 

A Young Kauri Tree

I was a little off the track when I took these photos but there are many great free walking tracks dotted throughout NZ and for all levels of fitness from 10 min walks to the extreme where you are out for a couple of days for the really experienced tramper. The smaller walks give you a good taste of the bush and are relaxing and enjoyable.
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