Friday, 15 November 2013

New Zealand Coastal In Black and White

Hi Everyone,

 Its been a while since I posted here so I thought I would share  the fun I recently had while out with my new Nikon Coolpix Camera.

After trying the many settings I enjoyed taking some snaps while out walking on the coast last weekend and found I was having fun with the Black and White setting.
I often take photos of all sorts of crazy things as I share them on public domain so others can use them for free to enhance their online ventures.

Close ups is my usual setting.
Black and White just for fun really but there is something about nature  and Black and White.

Take a look at the outcome. See what you think.

Sheltered Inlet North Island New Zealand Coast

Wonder of wood and trees in Black and White

Coast Framed By Pohutukawa  Tree branches
The Pohutukawa  Tree  is an amazing tree that can grow well in even the most rugged of coastlines and is commonly seen on New Zealand Beaches. It has the  most amazing red flower that covers the tree during a good hot season and is known as the New Zealand Christmas tree.
The Branches sprawl out in all directions .A good subject for black and white photography.

If you look into the background of this picture you can see a small hut which you can rent out for a night or two You just need to work out how to get across the water with your gear. Private and peaceful

Pohutukawa Tree
 Another fun day with my camera. Hope to get out a little more over summer. Stay in touch and check out the next post.

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Friday, 3 May 2013

My First Overnight Doc Hut Stay Peach Cove

Peach Cove

Enjoy A bush hike and Over night stay In Kiwi bush

I have a great friend who like myself loves the outdoors and has recently taken up hiking. A few weeks ago she decided I needed a break  as my time is taken up caring for my mum whom has cancer.
I have not had a holiday for more than 5 years and a night out for my husband and I seemed a good idea .A little R and R.
The peach cove hut was chosen for the fact that it only takes an hour to walk in. and it is not too far for us to travel. I had never done any back pack hiking so this was a first for me.
My friend and her partner have had a lot more  experience hiking, one with hunting for days in the bush at a time and the other has recently hiked for 5 days on the Heaphy  track. Able Tasman Nelson

The Joys Of Hiking

I tried to do a little prep just walking the streets around town but that still did not quite prepare me for this walk.

First I had my pack way too heavy with water and dinner. Plus a little heavy refreshment to help us through the evening.
I now realise how you need to pack carefully..

The night before we left on the walk I found an article  on line from a lady who had hiked the peach cove walk and she  did mention the  800 and something steps down to the hut.. At the time my thoughts were, down is ok  I was hoping there would be some other way out.

Up Or Down

One Step at a Time 

You can see how walking up or down 818 steps could be a little daunting how ever I soon found that it was not so bad on the return journey and went about counting from the bottom up that seemed to help in a funny sort of way, although I lost count many times.. The packs were lighter too so that made the going a lot easier

Over all the walk was not too bad .The views from the ridge were great. The bush is beautiful. The hut was comfortable enough and  had a good sized deck to sit and enjoy the evening and listen to the birds which seemed to be everywhere even after dark.
We went for a walk down to the  beach 5 mins from the hut  and tried a little fishing. It is a great little cove to explore with many rock formations and surging sea and would be ok for a swim in the summer.

Photos Taken At Peach Cove

Over all my first hike  was fun and next time I would stay a couple of nights just to relax a bit more and have time to explore but if you want to see a little of natural New Zealand what a great way to do it and  it is so cheap to stay in the doc huts. This would be one of the short walks though many are hours or even days long.

More Hike Photos.

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Thursday, 21 February 2013

Wenderholm Regional Park NZ

Enjoy a Day at Wenderholm Regional Park
15-20 min North of Auckland City.
One of the things that is so good about being a Kiwi is the beautiful Regional Parks that we have.We are spoilt for choice here in the North Island and if you want to spend a day picnicking with friends and family  then the Regional  Parks are a perfect place to gather on a nice sunny day.
Wenderholm is a great example and with in a short easy drive from Auckland city.It is no wonder that the park is so popular with a good safe swimming beach and many mature Pohutukawa trees to shade under .
The estuary that you can follow up to the small town of Puhoi is just right for the keen kayaker You can hire Kayaks at Puhoi which is easy to access just a few minutes off the main highway and from there you can paddle down to Wenderholm It is a nice easy kayak and beautiful on a nice day at full tide. or if hiking is your thing then follow one of the well set out walking tracks for some amazing views of the Hauraki Gulf.
You will find lots of early history in the park and you can learn all about the early settlers to the area and view the beautiful old homestead  which is situated amongst an established garden 
 It is beautifully restored and kept for visitors to view
.I did not go inside the homestead this visit but for  just a small fee or donation and you can look through the inside.

The walking tracks are well set out and you can go for 10min walks or walk for a couple of hours I went on just a 10min walk to the lookout over the bay.
The track was good although it was an easy up hill all the way. The views at the look out were beautiful and it was well worth the walk.

There are lots of signs showing native plants, birds and history on the settlers.

Great Walking Tracks

Nikau Palms

Looking Down on Couldrey House

If you are travelling North of Auckland don't to check out the Park .Great for a Picnic.