Saturday, 27 June 2015

Day Trip North Of Auckland Old Cement Works.

Looking For A Day Trip North Of Auckland

Less than an hour drive north of Auckland is one of my favourite all time places. Perhaps one of the best kept secrets. A great place for a day trip, picnic and swim over the summer months.
Visit the Old Cement Works in the town of Warkworth  Tucked in along side the River you can enjoy the old ruins , a walk and for the brave a swim.

I remember the first time I went to the Cement Works  or Kilns we used to call them. I was just a kid. It used to be a place that as a family we often went to . Mum and Dad would sit on the bank as us kids played in the water staying close to the ledges. There were always lots of stories about the place and I have know idea if any were even true or slightly true. One was the  Quarry suddenly flooded and the machines and equipment were still down there. Deep at the bottom.

This is a historical site. Well worth a visit and the walking track will soon be extended so you can walk the river side into Warkworth township. You will certainly want your camera with you.

I decided to take my camera for a walk today. You can see it is quiet because it is mid winter here . In the summer the Cement Works are much busier. Lots of young swimmers enjoying their free time.

The swimming quarry at the Cement works is popular with many over summer. Fresh water and very deep. There are a couple of limestone ledges but you can't touch the bottom so you need to be a good swimmer.

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