Monday, 19 October 2015

Mathesons Bay North of Auckland

Mathesons  Bay

Living North of Auckland you soon get to know which beaches you like to go to .
Usually for me this means a beach where you can enjoy a swim during all tides and especially in the summer.
Auckland North offers so much especially for day outings and Mathesons Bay is an excellent choice for a day trip out of Auckland.

You can call in and check  the picturesome town of Warkworth on  the way,  enjoy a walk and or movie at Matakana, visit the local vineyards, visit Ti Point wild life park,  explore Goat Island and have a wonderful swim and picnic at Mathesons Bay.

Mathesons Bay is found 1/2 hours drive from Warkworth at Leigh. A popular bay with deep water for swimming  and lots of rock life for snorkling and diving. At low tide the swimming is still good and there is lots of rocks and coastline to explore on foot.

Its a picturesome bay with with two entrances. Although popular in the summer there is lots room for  parking, toilets, and self contained camper vans can stay for up to 2 nights.

The Bay has quite a deep drop off and is semi enclosed by a small Island.

There is also a short bush walk that takes you to a small waterfall. An easy walk with a few sets of stairs.