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Feb 28 2016

Complaints About Heat and Humidity

Top of chatter in the North NZ
 is how difficult it can be working with the high temperatures and high humidity. I have found the last 6 weeks to be tough going myself. The issue being not drinking enough water. As soon as you move you end up feeling sticky, hot, wet and uncomfortable . It is no fun. Here at home it has been 27-28C inside, 30+ on the deck with humidity 60% + on occasion even over 80% . Many of us do not have air conditioning in the house so a fan is it. At one point fans had all sold out . It was hard to get one anywhere. However in saying all of that there is a cooler wave of temps about to wash over the South Island at it may not be too long before we are all complaining of cold. Crazy as the weather is.

July 21st 15

Cost of Living In NZ Today

One thing that commonly comes up these days in conversation here in NZ is the cost of living. Its tough at the moment especially with the weekly food budget. I know of families of 4 who spend on average $ 400 give or take weekly. I don't know about you but that is a fair chunk out of the pay packet. Imagine a medium to low income. Little left one would imagine. Rents have increased. If you live in Auckland you may be looking at a rates rise. The pressure is on us and it is not getting any easier. Budgeting from week to week is not easy and we are all feeling it.

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July 24 15

Kiwis Love to Discuss The Weather Auckland North

I have to say that so far this winter the weather has not been too bad. In the North of the North Island any way. There  has been the usual snow and cold down South and we have maybe had 4 to 5 good frosts here so far. But at least with the frost you get the most beautiful fine days, blue sky and in a sheltered place you forget that it is even winter. I sat in the sun for a while on a rock at the beach the other day and it was as warm as toast. We do on occasion seem to get mini storms and what I call swirly winds these days and the winds have been strong enough to cause damage to trees and property but that has been very occasional in recent months. So for winter 2015 so far so good.. Some of the trees like my tulip tree are starting to show signs of opening buds already I guess this is a fresh reminder that spring is coming yeh...

August 1st 15

Spring In Out Sites

A week ago I was driving home from work and was amazed to see spring bulbs in flower on the side of the road. It just seems too early buy I have noticed the last few years that it appears to come earlier now. A friend told me the cows are calving too. so there you go . It seems winter has only just started and  now spring is already in out sites.  Apart from a few frosty mornings here in the north of NZ so far it seems quite mild. Looking forward to picnicking and beach days again.

August 7th 15

High Tides Getting Higher

Perhaps others in the world are also noticing this but it appears that we are getting some very high tides these days. You notice when walking at the local beaches how the tides have been reaching the grass banks and not just on full moons it appears to often happen. Many of the banks along the beachfronts are being washed out. There has been some signs of concern in the local news with places like Orewa (Auckland  North) where there are shops, apartments and houses built close to the beach front. Should the tides rise too much in the future there are many towns , communities and roads that may be threatened. I guess ice melting and global warming are started to show.

August 14th 15

Auckland Traffic What is it really like?

Living Auckland North it is often talked about the Auckland traffic and yes during rush hour , school hours or if there is an accident everything comes to a snail pace if not completer stop. You need to plant you trip to avoid the busy times if possible. Summer and school holiday peak times the traffic can be very dense especially the roads North and South of Auckland as everyone heads towards the beaches. It can be very frustrating on a hot summers day to spend most of your time sitting in traffic. My advice would be to get up and to get going nice and early. You can always have breakfast when you get to your destination and then relax and enjoy the day.

August 18th 15

New Zealanders soon to pay GST  Tax on Goods Bought From Overseas Sites Online.

Ok I am guilty. I have purchase stuff online from overseas sites. Why? 4-6 x cheaper for the same item, exactly the same , that you are offered in NZ. To top it off from overseas many sites offer free postage where as the postage can be expensive if purchased in NZ. This Means than soon Kiwis will pay 15% more shortly for an item, even electronic that is purchased online from overseas. My Calculation  works out that things will still often be way cheaper than the same item if purchased here even before  taking postage into factor. What goes against online  international  shopping to me is the exchange rate. That can often be the final decider.

Sept 3rd 15

It Is all about the NZ Flag . Should we change it?

You may have heard about the possibility of NZ moving into the future with a new flag design. It has been heavily debated on the street. Most people in my circle of life say no leave it be. I am on the fence and always open to change. When it comes to the flag I don't mind as long as the flag looks good. Of course there has been a run of many ideas for flags and now it seems they have narrowed it down to 4 of which soon will be one and then we vote keep old flag or change to final new one. When the final 4 came out everyone said yuk. Ha us Kiwis we tend to shun new ideas sometimes. I guess we will have to wait as see what the final outcome is.
Check out this link to many images of flags  that were submitted Click Here to see Images of NZ Flat ideas

Its Been Rugby Talk Round The Table On the Street

For some time now it has all been about Rugby and the famous All Blacks The boys in black. Loved and followed closely by young and old in NZ. The excitement of out recent Rugby world cup win has been a great lift for the entire Nation.

But sadly yesterday we all tumbled back to earth with the sudden death of Jonah Lomu. One of our toughest and greatest. Admired by so many for not only his strength and rise to fame in Rugby but also for his strong attitude to life with the health difficulties he found himself challenged with. He overcame the odds and reached levels that no average person could conquer. I guess that that is what rose him to legend status in NZ. World known and admired by so many around the world.  Sadly missed by an entire country and never forgotten.

NZ Summer 16 off to a Hot Start

The School Holidays started just before Christmas and the weather in the North Auckland area has been rather wet at times. Not complaining though rain is good. Better than no rain at all. As us Kiwis love the summer and the beach how ever it can get a little frustrating.  In saying that this weekend has been great although extremely hot . It got to 29 here today and the humidity on top of that is uncomfortable to say the least. Many of us do not have air conditioned houses just fans so really a cold swim is the best option and yes the roads are blocked as Aucklander's all head for the beach.

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